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As a Music Teacher, Sophie understands the importance of music in our every day lives, no matter what age we are. Catering for every individual student, she has 20 years experience teaching between the ages of 4-74. Based in Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales, Sophie teaches:

  • Cello Lessons

  • Singing Lessons

  • Violin Lessons

  • Piano Lessons

  • Theory Lessons

   Price: £20 / 30 mins


She has taken many students through exams with ABRSM and, as well as Classical, she is comfortable teaching Musical Theatre, Jazz, Folk & Pop.

Sophie currently has students in Belfast, London, Zurich & Cardiff.

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''We were lucky enough to find Sophie to give our daughter singing lessons. Sophie was fantastic at training a young voice, giving her confidence to project, perform and enjoy the whole process. Such a fantastic teacher!''

Karen, Singing

''I was fortunate to find Sophie as my first cello teacher. She helped me develop good technique and kept it fun. Sophie is a patient and structured teacher. You will make an excellent choice in allowing her to help you with your music journey.''

Michael, Cello

''My experience of Sophie is of a dedicated, highly professional teacher with a high standard and passion for teaching. Sophie has a skilful manner of delivering complicated concepts in a seemingly easy to grasp manner. Highly recommend.''

Kristine, Singing

''...Sophie's amazing insight and understanding of the process & mechanics of singing have provided me the tools for continuous development and "unlocked" my voice. Sophie provides clear and targeted instruction that is easy to visualise and comprehend, and enables fast progress and measurable results, all with a relaxed and convivial approach...''

Kyle, Singing

"Sophie’s teaching style is easy to grasp and very exciting. She is very patient in making sure I get the techniques right and is encouraging without fail. My piano lessons with her are something I always look forward to. If you are looking for an ideal piano tutor who truly loves what she does, then look no further!”

Amaha, Piano


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